Life as an identical twin

Sharing someone else’s story today. My very Awesome Aunt’s struggle for independenceand identity.. which is fascinating as her independent spirit is the thing I have always admired most.

Alison Bate

By Alison Bate

I never felt lonely until I was eighteen.

I grew up with my twin sister Gill (pictured left) in England, first in a tiny village and later a stuffy cathedral city.

She had her best friend, Jane, and I had my best friend, Pip. But after school, we played together with the three Sims boys next door.

Pix twins in Mirror dinghy Gill and Ali sailing their Mirror dinghy called “Algi”

Gill and I had our own special trill for finding each other as we roamed around, trespassing in the Top Field. We sailed together in our Mirror dinghy and made friends easily, but whenever we arranged to meet, it was always to do something active. Play tennis, go swimming or go for a bike ride.

I remember one rainy Saturday afternoon when we were about 14, one of our school friends dropped by our home. Her name was Ann and she…

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